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Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Cost in India

Spinal decompression surgery is performed to relieve pain caused by spinal stenosis (narrowing) which occurs due to age-related changes or some other aetiology. The aim of the surgery is to relieve pain in the spinal cord as well as associated nerves. There are various procedures designed aiming to reduce pressure on the nerve. The procedure is chosen depending on the aetiology (cause).

Spinal stenosis is a condition usually caused by age-related changes such as arthritis, enlarged joints, bulging discs, bone spurs, and thickened ligaments. Spinal decompression can be performed along the spine starting from the neck region (also known as the cervical region) to the lower back region (also known as a lumbar region) depending upon the source of pain. In this surgery, access is gained through a cut or an incision in the back muscles. The goal of this procedure is to relieve back or leg pain.

Spinal Decompression Cost in India

For A Patient From INDIA

Spinal Decompression

Starts From USD 5100
(Indian Rupees 366384)

No. of Travellers


Days in Hospital


Days Outside Hospital


Total Days In India


  Treatment Cost

USD 61

( 5100Indian Rupee )



USD 61

  Visa FEE


( 0 Indian Rupee )

USD per person.

  Return Airfare


( 0 Indian Rupee )

Return fare USD per person.



( 0 Indian Rupee )

20 USD * 0 days

45 USD * 0 days

100 USD * 0 days


USD 20


USD 45

4 and 5-Star

USD 100

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
FREE Wi-Fi and Breakfast. Kitchen for Self-Cooking.

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
Round the Clock Room Service, FREE Wi-Fi and Daily Breakfast. Kitchen available for self-cooking.

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
Round the Clock Service, FREE Wi-Fi and Daily Breakfast. Entertainment, Swimming Pool and other comfort.



( 0 Indian Rupee )

8 USD * 2 person * 0 days

15 USD * 2 person * 0 days




USD 15

Basic Health Food

Basic Food and occassional eating out in Restaraunts

  Daily Commute


( 0 Indian Rupee )

3 USD * 2 person * 0 days



( 218 Indian Rupee )

5% of all the above expenses. Usually covers - Medicines, unknown expenses, near by sight seeing etc.

Approximate Total Cost For 24 Hour Holter Monitoring in India


( 4,584 Indian Rupee )

(Includes Cost of Treatment, Visa, Return Airfare, Hotel, Food, Daily Commute, Miscellaneous)

Types of spinal decompression

  1. Surgical spinal decompression
  2. Non-surgical spinal decompression also known as Microdectomy

The following are common surgical techniques for decompression:

  1. Discectomy: In this procedure, a part of a disk is removed to relieve pressure on the surrounding nerve roots.
  2. Laminectomy: In this procedure, a small part of arch (bony in nature) of spinal cord is removed, these are known as the lamina. By removing the lamina, the size of the spinal canal is increased, thus resulting in relieving pressure.
  1. Foraminotomy or foraminectomy: These procedures are done to increase the exit area for the nerve roots in the spinal cord by removing some of the bone as well as surrounding tissue.
  2. Osteophyte removal: In this procedure bony growths which are known as the osteophytes or bone spur which are putting pressure on the spinal cord are removed.
  3. Corpectomy: In this surgery, the body of a vertebra, as well as the disks, are removed.

A single technique or a combination of techniques may be used depending upon the case and in few cases, a fusion of the vertebrae may also be needed to provide stabilization and support the spine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spinal Decompression

Q. After how long would I be able to travel after spinal decompression surgery?

A Patient can travel immediately after surgery, but it is advisable to avoid short flights traveling for 6 weeks and long-distance flights for 12 weeks after surgery.

Q. What is the duration of hospital stay during the course of this procedure?

Around 5 days is the stay of the patient in the hospital.

Q. After how long I can get back to the gym after this surgery?

It depends on what kind of surgery the patient has undergone. In cases of minimally invasive procedure around 4 weeks is the recovery period and in case of complex procedure 4-6 months is the advised time to rest before doing any strenuous exercises.

Q. What are the possible side effects of this surgery?

Following are the risks or complications:

•             Recurrent or continuing symptoms

•             Infection

•             Blood clots

•             Tear in dura (lining of the brain and spinal cord)       

•             Visual impairments

•             Nerve injuries

•             Death

•             CSF leakage


Q. How long does the pain last after this surgery?

It takes approximately 6 weeks for the patient to fully recover from the pain and fatigue.

Q. Can the spinal compression heal by itself?

If spinal cord compression is chronic in nature and has damaged the nerve permanently, then this kind of injury never fully heals. although in cases of temporary injury, nerve function completely improves in 6-18 months.


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