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Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

  • Knee Replacement Surgery is done to restore the normal functioning of knee joints.

  • The success rate of knee replacement is more than 97%.

  • The medical tests required for determining Knee Replacement procedure are Physical examination, Blood tests, medical history (Blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, drug allergies, currently under any medical treatment), X-Ray and MRI.

  • Knee Replacement Surgery is usually performed on older people, but teenagers or adults may also require Knee Replacement surgery if the condition is severe.

  • Physical therapy is recommended after total knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

For A Patient From INDIA

Knee Replacement Surgery

Starts From USD 4000
(Indian Rupees 287360)

No. of Travellers


Days in Hospital


Days Outside Hospital


Total Days In India


  Treatment Cost

USD 61

( 4000Indian Rupee )



USD 61

  Visa FEE


( 0 Indian Rupee )

USD per person.

  Return Airfare


( 0 Indian Rupee )

Return fare USD per person.



( 0 Indian Rupee )

20 USD * 0 days

45 USD * 0 days

100 USD * 0 days


USD 20


USD 45

4 and 5-Star

USD 100

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
FREE Wi-Fi and Breakfast. Kitchen for Self-Cooking.

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
Round the Clock Room Service, FREE Wi-Fi and Daily Breakfast. Kitchen available for self-cooking.

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
Round the Clock Service, FREE Wi-Fi and Daily Breakfast. Entertainment, Swimming Pool and other comfort.



( 0 Indian Rupee )

8 USD * 2 person * 0 days

15 USD * 2 person * 0 days




USD 15

Basic Health Food

Basic Food and occassional eating out in Restaraunts

  Daily Commute


( 0 Indian Rupee )

3 USD * 2 person * 0 days



( 218 Indian Rupee )

5% of all the above expenses. Usually covers - Medicines, unknown expenses, near by sight seeing etc.

Approximate Total Cost For 24 Hour Holter Monitoring in India


( 4,584 Indian Rupee )

(Includes Cost of Treatment, Visa, Return Airfare, Hotel, Food, Daily Commute, Miscellaneous)

When is Knee Replacement Surgery required?

  1. Severe pain while walking and climbing stairs 

  2. Stiffness in knee joints

  3. Inflammation and swelling around knee joints, often seen in osteoarthritis patients

  4. Chronic knee deformity 

Types of Knee Replacement 

Total Knee Replacement - In this procedure, the complete joint is replaced with an artificial material made of metal and plastic components referred to as the prosthesis. The end of the thighbone (femur) is removed and replaced with a metal shell. The end of the lower leg bone (tibia) is also removed and replaced with a plastic piece with a metal stem. Depending on the condition of the kneecap portion of the knee joint, a plastic "button" may also be added under the kneecap surface.

Partial Knee Replacement – is done if only one side of the knee is damaged. This procedure is not as extensive where the bone removed is less and a smaller incision is done. It is an alternative to total knee replacement for a few patients with degenerative arthritis of the knee. This surgery may be done once the injury is confined to a specific compartment of the knee.

What is the procedure followed for Knee Replacement Surgery?

  • The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and the surgery can last up to 3 hours.

  • During the process of Knee Replacement Surgery, the diseased bone and cartilage is removed from the femur, shinbone, and kneecap and is carefully replaced with an artificial joint. These artificial parts of a total knee replacement are called a prosthesis. They are made of high-grade plastics, polymers, and alloys. 

  • After the procedure is finished, the patient is generally hospitalized for 4- 6 days. Finally, the doctor prescribes medications and recommends some exercise to maintain the health of the knee. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Replacement Surgery

Q. When is a person required to undergo knee replacement surgery?

It is subjective to every person. It is best to leave it to the best-in-class doctors in India that can decide if you are required to undergo the surgery.

Q. How effective is the treatment of total knee replacement?

It has a 97% success rate. It can effectively reduce pain and help you get back to a normal daily life. 

Q. Will it cause scarring? 

Yes, as it is a surgical process, it will lead to scarring. There will be a 6-8 inches long scar at the center of the knee.

Q. What is the Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India?

Knee Replacement Surgery in India costs between $4000 to $6000 (it may vary) for a single knee.

Q. Is physiotherapy required after the surgery?

Yes, the patient is also advised to do bending and straightening of the knee every day. 

Q. Does the knee replacement surgery involve pain?

During the knee replacement surgery in India, you are given anesthesia before the surgery to minimize the pain. After the surgery, you will experience some pain, but your doctor will prescribe you medications to help manage it.

Q. What are the Side Effects of Knee Replacement Surgery?

After 5-6 weeks of the surgery, the onset of feelings of frustration and depression are common. It is totally normal to experience such an emotional state. The doctor shall help you counter such issues. 

Q. What are the precautions to be taken?

  • A patient needs to wear a bandage for a week /until the wound is completely dry. The bandage should be changed every day.

  • A cane or walker is recommended to ensure that the patient does not damage the new knee.

  • Post-surgical swelling can be treated by applying cold packs and elevating the affected leg for 20-30 minutes.

The patient can start Climbing stairs after about a month of surgery. However, all activities that impact the knee such as running, tennis, the squash should be avoided.

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