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Cervical Spine Surgery

Cervical Spine Surgery Cost in India

About Cervical Spine Surgery

  • Cervical spine surgery is a procedure that is needed when there is a deformity in the neck like an injury or degenerative or herniated disc. The surgery is recommended to relieve neck pain, numbness, tingling and weakness, restore nerve function and stop or prevent abnormal motion in the neck.
  • The diagnosis requires a physical examination of the cervical spine along with electromyography, X-Ray, MRI scan, and CT scan. 

Cervical Spine Surgery Cost in India

For A Patient From INDIA

Cervical Spine Surgery

Starts From USD 6375
(Indian Rupees 457980)

No. of Travellers


Days in Hospital


Days Outside Hospital


Total Days In India


  Treatment Cost

USD 61

( 6375Indian Rupee )



USD 61

  Visa FEE


( 0 Indian Rupee )

USD per person.

  Return Airfare


( 0 Indian Rupee )

Return fare USD per person.



( 0 Indian Rupee )

20 USD * 0 days

45 USD * 0 days

100 USD * 0 days


USD 20


USD 45

4 and 5-Star

USD 100

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
FREE Wi-Fi and Breakfast. Kitchen for Self-Cooking.

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
Round the Clock Room Service, FREE Wi-Fi and Daily Breakfast. Kitchen available for self-cooking.

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV,
Round the Clock Service, FREE Wi-Fi and Daily Breakfast. Entertainment, Swimming Pool and other comfort.



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8 USD * 2 person * 0 days

15 USD * 2 person * 0 days




USD 15

Basic Health Food

Basic Food and occassional eating out in Restaraunts

  Daily Commute


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3 USD * 2 person * 0 days



( 218 Indian Rupee )

5% of all the above expenses. Usually covers - Medicines, unknown expenses, near by sight seeing etc.

Approximate Total Cost For 24 Hour Holter Monitoring in India


( 4,584 Indian Rupee )

(Includes Cost of Treatment, Visa, Return Airfare, Hotel, Food, Daily Commute, Miscellaneous)


Anterior cervical discectomy & fusion (ACDF) : Cervical spine involves the first seven vertebral levels of the spinal column in the body. They are the very top bones which form the neck region. The surgery involves removal of whole or part of an inter-vertebral disc (disectomy) wherein the surgeon reaches the damaged disc from the front (anterior) of the spine through the throat area.  

Surgery from the front of the neck is more accessible than from the back (posterior) because the disc can be reached without disturbing the spinal cord, spinal nerves.

The surgeon uses a fluoroscope to locate the impaired disc and the region around it is separated.

Then, the damaged disc and ligament are removed carefully.  To prevent the vertebrae from collapsing , a bone graft is inserted which serves as a bridge to fill the open disc space. The bone graft is fixed using metal plates and screws.  

Finally, the operation is concluded and dressing is applied.

 Sources of bone graft 

  • Autograft bone : The surgeon takes the  patient’s own bone cells from the hip (iliac crest). The graft has a higher rate of fusion because it has bone-growing cells and proteins. The disadvantage is the pain in the hipbone after surgery. The bone graft from hip is taken at the same time as the spine surgery. 
  • Allograft: The graft is collected from people who have agreed to donate their organs after they die. Since the graft does not have bone-growing cells, it is packed with shavings of living bone tissue taken from spine of the patient during the surgery.
  • Bone graft substitute comes from man-made plastic, ceramic, or bioresorbable compounds. Often called cages, this graft material is packed with shavings of living bone tissue taken from your spine during surgery.


Why is it needed?

Following are the reasons for performing Cervical Spine Surgery: -

  1. Herniated or slipped disc– It occurs due to injury when the disc brakes open. 
  2. Degenerative disc– It is an aging disorder that involves a steady degeneration of the disc between the vertebrae.
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis– It is a long-term autoimmune disease that causes inflammation, swelling, and pain around the joints and other body organs.
  4. Cervical Spondylosis– This involves an abnormal degeneration of the cartilages and bones in the neck region 
  5. Spinal Stenosis– This involves narrowing of the space in the spine and the beginning of the bones and other parts to touch the spinal cord and nerves. 

Frequently asked questions about Cervical Spine Surgery

Q. What is the cervical spine surgery cost in India?

Cervical spine surgery costs between $7000 and $7500 in India

Q. Who is required to go through Cervical spine surgery?

Patients who are not getting any relief from conservative treatments can opt for Cervical spine surgery to receive long-term benefits.

Q. Which bone graft will be suitable for me?

It is different for every patient.

Q. Are there any post-surgery complications involved? 

Complications are rare, but if they exist, it may require a second surgery or other treatments depending on the case.

Q. What is the recovery period? 

It usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks to get back to normal day to day activities. 

Q. Do you need to get hospitalized?

Yes, it is an extensive process in which you have to be hospitalized for about 4 to 5 days.

Q. Does Cervical Spine Surgery involve pain?

During Cervical Spine Surgery you are given anesthesia before the surgery to minimize the pain. After the surgery you will experience some pain, but your doctor will prescribe you medications to manage it.

Q. What can be the probable complications in a cervical spine surgery ?

  • Transitional syndrome. 
  • Migration of bone graft is also seen. 
  • Nerve damage or persistent pain 
  • Difficulty in swallowing is common
  • Hoarseness of voice may occur temporarily

  Q. What are the precautions to be taken?

  • Proper sleep and rest are a must.
  • Avoid lifting heavyweights.
  • Avoid sitting for long durations.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. 
  • Avoid unnecessary head movement. 


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  • Hitesh Garg


    14 years of experience , Gurgaon

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