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Why India

India has been rapidly emerging as a hub for highly qualified professionals in the field of medicine. The country is now recognized world-wide for its competent doctors and surgeons and for its world class medical facilities. Therefore, medical tourism in India is growing at a fast pace and people from all across the world have benefited from the personalized and international quality treatment being offered. It is estimated that more than 450,000 patients visited India in 2017 alone.

The medical tourism in India is getting bigger every year and this is due to the following main reasons

Why Treatment tours India

We at Treatment Tours India are dealing with international patients for over 2.5 years and have offered medical services to more than 500 patients who are also our satisfied customers. We have progressed from being a medical care provider to a full-fledged international medical tourism facility. We help connect with top-notch doctors, hospitals and travel partners in India and facilitate identifying the right healthcare option for the patient.

Treatment tours India is associated with the world renowned hospitals including those that are recognized by the Joint Commission International (JCI) of the USA, a counterpart of JCAHO outside US.

We have a dedicated team to offer 24*7 support for handling all travel and medical treatment related queries in India

We believe that one hospital cannot have all the best doctors for all super specialties working for them. Hence, our medical care team helps patients choose the best doctor basis our experience-based on medical information. The support to the patients is provided not only at the time of choosing the hospital, but throughout the entire process beginning from diagnosis, admission, procedure, recovery and departure. Our managers ensure that they accompany the patients thus ensuring customized and personalized services.

Disclaimer: Treatment tours India does not provide any form of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information and services being offered on is intended solely for informational purposes and cannot replace the professional consultation or treatment by a physician. Copying, cloning of the content of pages in will invite legal procedures inorder to protect intellectual property.